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What Is a Managed Security Service?

Managed security service (MSS) refers to various cybersecurity-related services and support like managing and monitoring firewalls and intrusion detection systems; performing assessments of vulnerability and penetration audits as well as overseeing the management of patches and upgrades as well as assisting in establishing protocols and rules that to reduce the risk of a data breach. MSS providers also offer cybersecurity expertise and assistance with compliance requirements for regulatory compliance like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, and ISO.

Premium MSS solutions offer technology like security information and events management (SIEM), cloud access security brokers and container security. Many of the best MSSPs provide 24/7 monitoring of their security operations centers, threat intelligence to amplify the context, and proactive threat hunts.

MSS can also assist clients to identify the impact of vulnerabilities on business processes such as availability and performance. This helps to avoid costly cyberattacks and improve their overall security posture.

A majority of the most reputable MSSPs offer a variety of managed IT services including network monitoring, remote assistance and security policy creation. They often offer one, central dashboard for increased visibility into the devices of their clients and applications. In addition, they offer services for managing changes and backup and recovery solutions to protect data in the event of an incident. They can also assist with security and governance of data through tools like encryption and data loss prevention.

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